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Frequently Asked Questions

Working time

What is your working time?

Orders on the website and by post accepted 24 hours a day, all days of the week.

We answer requests and emails, as well as calls on +370 605 02747 on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00.

Questions about goods

Are all goods of high quality?

Yes, all goods sold are of high quality. We cooperate only with reliable manufacturers who can confirm the quality of the goods and take responsibility for it.

How is the final order price calculated?

The exact price depends on the quantity,weight and volume of the ordered goods and the place ofdelivery, so the final price will be seen by the customer in the quote issued to him (in advance invoice) before the order confirmation.

Ordering Items

How can I order goods?
  • On the website, forming a basket of goods and submitting a request for an order basket. We send the offer (advance invoice) with final prices within 2 days.
  • E-mail by sending a list of ordered items with names, selected properties, codes and quantities, and information about whether you will pick up the items yourself or if delivery is required. Once the order has been placed by e-mail, we send you an invoice-offer (pre-invoice) within 2 days.
Can the company buy the goods?

Yes, goods can be purchased by natural and legal persons.

Can one person pay for the goods and receive them from another?

yes, you can. However, when making an order, it is necessary to provide the following information: the name and delivery address of the person receiving the goods or the name of the person picking up the goods.

You can also provide this information after placing and paying the order, but you must do so as early as possible by writing to the e-mail address and providing the following information: the name and order number of the person receiving or picking up the goods.

Delivery of goods in Lithuania

Is it possible to pick up the goods yourself?

Yes, after confirming the order, the goods can be collected free of charge from our warehouse in Kaunas.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00

Please contact us individually for the pick-up of goods.

How are the goods delivered?

Which transport will be selected (the responsible employee will inform you by e-mail when confirming the order) depends on the specific order.

If the ordered goods are small and in small quantities, the goods will be delivered to you by courier. If the goods are large-scale, their quantity or weight is large, we will deliver by our own transport.

How many days do you deliver the goods?

We always try to deliver the goods to the customer as soon as possible, in most cases, probably within 1-5 days from the receipt of the order confirmation from the responsible employee or receipt of payment for the goods (if the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer or if the goods will be delivered using courier services).

Please note that if we do not have the ordered goods in the nearest warehouse, the delivery deadline is likely to be longer than the one above, i.e. it will take us to get from the manufacturer. In all cases, the responsible employee informs about the expected delivery deadline for a particular order by e-mail or telephone.

What does order status mean?
  • Booked

The order has been placed but is not yet fulfilled. The first status of the order with two results: either the order is rejected (inadvertently made order) or it is confirmed (payment is made, order information is matched, all order details are filled in correctly).

  • Pending payment

When payment is received from the bank, the order status will be changed to In Process.

  • In progress

The order is starting to be executed. If the item is in stock, we start packing it. If we do not have an item in stock, an order is sent to the vendor immediately.

  • Done

The order has been picked up or delivered to the recipient in the manner chosen.

  • Canceled

The order has been rejected (inadvertently made).

  • Returned

The item has been returned.

  • Failed

No payment has been received from the bank.

What time are the goods delivered?

We deliver goods on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00. The specific time of arrival of the goods at the specified address is compatible with the customer by telephone: our driver or courier contacts the customer before the goods arrive.

Payment methods

By bank transfer

Payment for goods can be made by bank transfer:

  • you receive a pre-invoice from the responsible manager by e-mail specified in the order;
  • you pay it in the usual way by depositing cash or making a transfer from your online bank account to one of our accounts;
  • in the payment destination it is necessary to indicate the order number, which you will find in the advance invoice sent by our sales manager.
Cash is settled in our office

The goods can be paid in cash:

  • when picking up goods at our office at: Pakalnės str. 5, Raudondvaris, Kauno raj., LT-54137. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00

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